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Thomas Beerepoot, Founder Bolster

"Since 2020, Lisette Mantel has been strengthening our team as a Process Manager at Bolster. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for streamlined processes, Lisette ensures clear communication and precise planning, both internally and externally.

Lisette has a clear and discreet approach, working accurately in every task she takes on. Her commitment to the team is unmistakable, always ready to support her colleagues and provide pragmatic solutions for even the most challenging issues. Lisette plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations at Bolster."

Louwe Brink, Fund manager  Energiefonds Utrecht

"Since late 2021, Lisette has been providing secretarial support to the Utrecht Energy Fund to assist the fund manager and              the board.

Throughout this period, she has proven herself to be a committed, discreet, and precise professional with an open and direct approach. Her friendly and professional demeanor makes her a valuable addition to any team. What truly sets Lisette apart is her solution-oriented mindset and her willingness to take initiative when necessary.


She has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner in our activities."

Jan Smeitink, CEO Khondrion

"Khondrion is a biotech company committed to developing treatments for orphan (rare) diseases that affect the powerhouse of cells - mitochondria.

Given our operation in a global environment, it's crucial to have dedicated and reliable support that also takes cultural aspects into consideration in every interaction.


Lisette, who has been supporting Khondrion for over 4 years, has consistently demonstrated these qualities. Moreover, she is proactive, precise, and exhibits excellent representative behavior, making her the perfect fit for our team."

Mathilde Plender, teacher hbo‑pedagogiek & Chiarwomen examination board ad-pep/hbo-peda

Driestar educatief

"Lisette is a versatile and positive-minded virtual assistant.

She proactively collaborates with me as a client, maintains a good overview, and provides relief when it comes to administrative tasks.

As a result, I can do my job better, and I have discovered how nice it is to be supported in this way. Lisette is down-to-earth and can also add humor to the work, which only enhances the collaboration."

Ilja de Wolf, Chairmen

Bedrijvenvereniging De Hoef 3.0

"Lisette has managed the secretariat for the business association De Hoef 3.0 in Amersfoort for 3 years. She served as a support to the board, with tasks ranging from preparing documents for a general meeting to liaising with members or creating a newsletter.

Lisette is reliable, flexible, and highly engaged. She delivers solid work, maintains an overview, and has a pleasant and cheerful demeanor. When necessary, she is not afraid to remind board members of action points. If a board member is pressed for time, she also steps in to help. In short, it's great to have her on board in a volunteer-based board with busy professionals."

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